Our Proven Process

The Petros724 Proven Process for Business Success

The Petros724 Proven Process is a new methodology—offered only by Petros724 to take on the challenges your organization is confronting with regard to work cycles to improve efficiency, eliminate waste, increase sales and grow revenue now and in the future.

The Petros724 Proven Process is a new approach to better understand work cycles and improve workflows.

The Petros724 Proven Process is a series of steps and unique meetings that outline and clarify one single workflow within a given work cycle that will be the sole focus of the Petros 724 Proven Process.

Which of these work-cycles is most crucial for your company’s existence right now?
  • Design to Deploy
    Developing products from idea to launch

  • Market to Order
    Process of marketing to Opportunity to Close

  • Order to Cash
    Accepting a customer order to collecting cash

  • Plan to Fulfill
    Sales forecasting to fulfillment of demand

  • Process to Pay
    Purchasing to payment

  • Gather to Report
    Gathering financial, strategic and operational information

  • Commission to Decommission
    Installation and maintenance of resources

Joint Decision 1


In a very short kick-off meeting, Petros724 provides the tools for Client Executives to quickly and easily identify the work-cycle that most needs investment into improvement and what specifically needs to be improved in the selected work cycle.

Once defined, Petros724 will verify the Client Executives are committed to making these improvements. Petros724 staff will regroup immediately after, and given their belief these improvements are accomplishable, will respond with a documented “Commitment” email confirming that Petros724 is “all-in” and will assemble the correct expert(s) for the Clarity Decision.

Factors for Making a Commitment
  • Believability

  • Visibility

  • Results

  • Consistency

  • Cost

  • Speed

  • Scalability

  • Risk Mitigation

Joint Decision 2


In another short meeting, Petros724 provides additional tools for Client Executives to quickly and easily identify which workflow is most critical for achieving the improvement(s) agreed to in Commitment Decision.

  • Client rates how strong the existing workflow is (from sandy to rock solid) and how far up the “Petros724 Workflow Scale” it needs to be to achieve the targeted improvement(s)
  • Evaluate the best inputs and outputs for measuring improvement depending on how customer’s how well the process is currently defined.  For example, if the process is people driven with no workflow process, that needs to be addressed first before metrics can be established
  • Focus is on one workflow to start, but it could branch out if it is determined that the inputs supplied by other workflows are preventing the required improvements.
  • Joint decision making continues with both companies clearly understanding what workflow will be improved and to what Petros724 Workflow Scale needs to be achieved.
Petros724 Workflow Scale
  • Sandy – Undocumented people-driven workflow

  • Partially documented workflow

  • Detailed objective(s) and inputs/outputs

  • Real time feedback on essential inputs/outputs

  • All failure point(s) identified including inputs from other processes

  • Appropriate manual controls added for failure points

  • Automated controls with defined action(s) for out of control situations

  • Rock Solid – Workflow assessment trigger(s) in place

Joint Decision 3


  • Both teams work together until they agree that the joint teams and underlying technology WILL successfully accomplish the improvements from Joint Decisions 1 & 2.  This is normally the longest step. This can include deep dives into the workflow, product workshops, test cases, etc.
  • Identify any supporting workflows that may be bottlenecks and added to scope of project (using same clarity evaluation from Process 2.
  • Contracts are signed at the end of Confidence.
Joint Decision 4


  • Roles, responsibilities, and time allotments for each member of both teams are defined.
  • Reporting Milestones to Executive teams are determined.

Success is agreement from both companies that the plan can be achieved within timing and budgetary requirements.

Joint Decision 5


  • Execute defined plan to achieve.
  • Success is declared with agreement the workflow improvements have been achieved.
Joint Decision 6


Immediately upon achieving success, review the process and what could have been done better.

  • Start the process again at the appropriate step—such as a second workflow in the same work-cycle that will also provide improvement expected from Commitment or a new work-cycle to focus on.

The Petros724 Proven Process for business success is comprised of multiple, unique meetings that focus on one work-cycle critical to your company’s success. The work cycle improvement is defined, and a solution is then developed and implemented. Smaller projects lead to larger projects for improvement. The result—you have a much stronger company quicker.

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