About Petros724

Petros is Greek for “rock.”

We realize—as have our customers over the years—that we have become a part of the very foundation of our customers’ successes.

We have contributed to our customers’ strengths, their dependability, and their endurance through changing times and challenging environments. We have helped them achieve the successes they pursued.

Rocks don’t have to be flawless. But when stones are brought together in a proper and effective way, they can form a strong foundation upon which to build for the productive futures of our customers and ourselves.

Seven Twenty-Four reminds us that building upon a foundation of rock—a solid foundation—leads to success and endurance. This stands in vivid contrast to building upon shifting sands where collapse and failure are always a threat. We seek to direct our customers through foundation-building steps, taking them from sand to solid rock for their future.

Petros724 is guided by nothing less than a passion to inspire confidence and optimism in everything we do.

On July 24, 2020, we changed our name from Visual Business Solutions to Petros724. Same great company, same great products, and same great people.

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The Petros724 Proven Process is a new methodology – offered only by Petros724 to take on the challenges your organization is confronting with regard to work cycles to improve efficiency, eliminate waste, increase sales and grow revenue now and in the future.

Companies look to Petros724 as a strategic partner for our deep industry knowledge, our demonstrated ability to bring clarity to and around your business.

We tailor our process and service to the needs of your operations. We offer add-ons and utilities to enhance your ERP system and streamline how your organization interacts with information that’s critical to the success of your business.

Let’s Supercharge Your Operations.

We are a team of technology experts and manufacturing industry insiders who can help optimize your operations.

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